Come for a chat and a coffee, leave with ideas and a plan of action

Whether you’ve got an existing site in need of a facelift, or are planning a new site, why not avail of our experience for free? We’ll sit down over a cup of coffee, and help you translate your requirements into a specification for the design, content and functionality of your website.

The Consultation

  1. Coffee – we believe a nice cuppa helps break the ice and we’ve got tea, coffee, cocoa and a selection of herbal teas. The kettle’s always on the boil.
  2. The Big Picture – we ask a number of questions to determine the purpose of the website and the target demographic
  3. The Look – design is critical, and we look at your current branding as well as the websites you like and loath, to understand your design requirements. Later we can assist you with sourcing images for your site and we can create gorgeous spot graphics that will help your site to stand out from the crowd.
  4. The Content – we help you map out your website so that people and Google can navigate. We help you plan the text so that you can inform your users and help the search engines to push your pages up the rankings.
  5. The Functionality – apart from images and text, maybe you want to incorporate image sliders, video, e-commerce, fancy image galleries, etc? You may be surprised at how inexpensive it can be to add advanced features.
  6. The Next Step – if you decide that you want to do a new website, we’d obviously be delighted to quote you. Our quotes are transparent, and we usually provide a couple of different options at different price points.

Building Your Website

Building a website is very much a joint venture between the web developer and the client. You’ll need to be heavily involved to put your stamp on the website and ensure that it speaks to your site visitors. We have a well defined process in place involving a contract and a timeline that helps to keep the project on track

  1. Contract and Timeline – after the consult, and the quotation, if you order a website, we’ll give you a contract with a built in timeline. Most items on the timeline are deadlines for us, but a couple (including helping us with content and images, approving designs, etc) rest with you. It is important that you read the contract and timeline carefully to ensure that it works for you. When you’re happy, you’ll ned to return the signed contract with a deposit.
  2. Design – the first stage of building your website. Ideally we’ll have content, images, logos, etc. from you, so that we can create a proper design mockup for you (rather than a generic mockup made with with generic text and stock photos). We’ll iterate over the design until you are happy.
  3. Site implementation – once we have finalised the design, we will begin to implement the site. Typically, we’ll password protect the site so that you can review it before it is available to the general public. We’ll make any adjustments required after your review.
  4. Go Live and Training – we’ll make the site live, and give you training on how to manage your website. Payment of the remainder of the invoice falls due on the date when the site goes live. We also provide follow up training/support by email and phone, or you can call into us by prior appointment, if necessary

If you need extra work done on the site, we can quote you for an hourly or job rate. Of course you’re free to go to other web developers to get this work done too – it’s your site. The system we use powers about 1/5th of all websites on the internet, so you’ll always be able to find a web developer to work on it. Usually, however, our customers stay with us for the support and expertise we can offer.