Say What You Mean


While some of our customers are experts at copywriting, others don’t have the time or the inclination to tackle the job, and that’s fine. We can help. It goes without saying that you are the expert in your chosen domain, so you’re going to have to help us get all that information out of your head and onto your website. We’ll work with you, and tease out the final content.

Rubber Duck Copywriting

The goal of rubber duck copywriting is to write text which you will then read aloud to a rubber duck (or any other inanimate object of your choosing). When you have finished reading out your copy, ask yourself if the duck now understands the concept you were trying to convey. If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board! The concept originated in the computer programming world, but has expanded to many other disciplines, as a semi-scientific way to evaluate clarity of expression.

Search Engine Considerations

When writing for the web, the golden rule is to write for your customer, not for the search engine. While it is critical to include relevant keywords for the search engine, a well written page directed at customers will automatically tick a lot of the boxes for Google.  Google has always wanted the most relevant and authoritative sites to be number one for the appropriate search term. The relevance comes from keywords, and the authority comes from the websites that will link to your high quality content.


Nothing diminishes the impact of a well written document more than an obvious spelling or grammatical error. Let us be your second pair of eyes. We’ve been saving the blushes of our customers since 2005!


Often, when it comes to compiling the content for a website, it becomes apparent that the information already exists but is distributed through many brochures, emails and other documents. When you’re emotionally connected to to the material, it can be difficult to find perspective, and get a holistic view of your content as it relates to your website. While the basic information needs to come from you, we can act as an independent editor, culling, augmenting and polishing as required.