Spiralli – Technology and the Arts Working Together

We now host local art work on our walls adding to the friendly, professional, and welcoming atmosphere of our space here in Market Square, Mallow, the crossroads of Munster.

Hold your meetings, give training or simply get the accounts done while enjoying and perhaps getting inspiration from the artwork around you.

The artwork is also for sale and phone numbers are made available for those who wish to make a purchase. View our Gallery as a client or by appointment.

The current art exhibition features the works of by Leila Doherty and Rashika Living Art

Charcoal Artist Self Portrait

Self portrait by Leila Doherty


Mailing List

Please contact us if you wish to receive an invitation to the next Art Evening at the Spiralli Gallery.


We are currently signing up artists for the next installation. Please contact us for details if you are interested.