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Chuckies eBooking website

Some clients may want a very specific online application tailored to their own business logic. Spiralli Business Solutions has much experience in developing such systems for property auctioneers, recruitment agencies, product manufacturers and others in Cork, Ireland, and abroad.

We develop using the latest technologies, including PHP,  jQuery, mySQL and AJAX. Call us today to learn more about how a custom web application could revolutionise the way you do business.

Web Applications Showcase

Chuckies Play Zone

The solution for Chuckies had a number of diverse requirements. We consulted extensively with the proprietor and arrived at a specification with the following features:

  • Colourful, fun brochure website
  • Fully integrated wordpress blog
  • A small custom developed content managment system
  • Full ecommerce enabled booking system
  • Comprehensive secure backend to manage bookings

County Songs

A website to showcase the songs of the counties of Ireland, organised by county, but also by theme and songwriter, and presenting albums recorded by the owner relating to specific counties, with mp3 clips and links to buy. This was first and foremost a WordPress website, which isn’t often considered for database applications. We used the Pods 2.0 framework to allow the author to create content once, by creating the taxonomies, then uploading the songs and song data – the system then builds the various pages dynamically, bringing in the data from the database. With hundreds of songs, and growing, the automation drastically reduces the workload and duplication that would have been required to create this site in a static manner.


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