Is it Easy to Browse Your Website on a Smart Phone?

All of Spiralli’s websites are made to work well with any device, and we have been providing mobile-friendly solutions for some time now. With up to 50% of website traffic coming from mobile, it’s important that your website looks good on phones and tablets, as well as on laptops, PCs and smart televisions.

We don’t create a web template and a mobile template, because we feel this approach is wasteful and costly. It also complicates the management of the site as some duplication of content is often necessary. We don’t make smartphone apps to encapsulate your website on phones, as we feel this approach is criminally wasteful and costly. Mobile app development requires a different app for each platform – iPhone, Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone, and relies on the customer being interested enough in your web presence to  go to the trouble of installing an app on their phone.

We create responsive designs that work on all devices out of the box. So how does it work? The website senses the dimensions of the screen it is being displayed on, and dynamically adjusts to this. Typically, multicolumn displays will collapse to a single column display on a phone, and the navigation will change to a mobile friendly navigation system. It just works, and as a result your Spiralli website will look amazing on whatever device you use to view it.